Please support me in the fight against liver cancer

Hello, my name is Rafal, I am 40 years old, I have a wonderful family, many unfulfilled dreams and a cancer I cannot fight alone...

Until 12 April 2022, I had a normal life: Work, children, family. That day I didn't feel so good at work and came home a little early. I had itchy skin all over my body and my skin tone was a little darker. Feeling unwell and poor liver values led me to the hospital in Cieszyn. The diagnosis - jaundice due to mechanical causes. Ongoing examinations, CT scans, MRI scans and the diagnosis of inoperable malignant tumours of the bile ducts (Latin: cholangiocarcinoma). Since then, our family life has been in ruins.... Breakdown, masses of tears...

Released to go home, but then what.... ?   (read more)

The hospital does not give me hope, but I will fight for myself because I know there are treatments that work. Unfortunately, none of them are reimbursed by the National Health Service. The whole family depends on me, my wife takes care of the children and I am currently unable to work.

I have three young children, aged between 3 and 10, who mean the world to me and so does my wife. I want to be able to raise them to be good people, celebrate their weddings and be there for them when they become parents themselves. I want to be by their side with a benevolent word so that they can make it on their own as adults in this difficult world.

At the moment, each day of my therapy costs between 500 and 800 PLN...

Therefore, we ask everyone who can help us to raise funds for further treatment.


I know that there are more needy people in the world and that every life is equally important. So if you decide to help me of all people, I would be very grateful and happy, and my children would have the chance to grow up in a family with both parents.


Thank you for your time and help.


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Rafał Dziuk
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If any of you are struggling with similar issues and feel lost and let down, please contact me - I would be happy to share with you anything I have experienced myself so far.

My email address:

Once I have won my battle, this website will be transformed into a guide to help find the right path faster, find the right doctors and bring all the helpful contacts together in one place.

Thank you very much!